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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Avocado

At first
I did not love
the avocado

It was not
the colour of its skin
that gave me pause

I love
the brilliant green colour
of its skin

I even love
the darker green shade
as it ripens

It was not
the flavour and taste
of the avocado either...really

But perhaps
I was unprepared
for its texture

It is often a reason
I choose not to like

I have grown to
its creamy texture

Its health benefits
Impress me
and I chose to try again

I explored
Ways of adding one
to my diet

At first
I did not love
the avocado

I find myself
Completely addicted!

Friday, March 8, 2013


I don't mean spells,slight of hand or illusions.
I don't mean magician's tricks of the trade.
I don't mean anything of the supernatural.
What I mean by magic is: A mysterious quality of enchantment.

The feeling of magic. The feeling of something MORE, unexplainable, amazing.
The first time your baby smiles at you (when all others tell you he/she has gas and it isn't really a smile directed at you but, you KNOW that it is). You know that they heard your voice and smiled at their MOTHER. THAT is magic!
When you meet someone new and find that you are connected by SOUL it is MAGIC. It is MORE than you have words to express or explain and only people who have known it before KNOW what you mean.
In the springtime when crocuses pop their beautiful little blooming flowers up out of dirt still encased by snow it is magic. When the snow melts and the wet, muddy earth dries and grows fresh, green grass it is magic. When the trees begin sprouting new buds and new growth. When the animals who spent the winter in hiding begin to rise to the surface and go about their business for a new season it is MAGIC!
When a child wakes up in the morning to treasures left behind by Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy and their eyes are filled with wonder and joy...THAT is magic!
I BELIEVE in magic and I AM grateful to be HERE, living and able to see it, feel it and appreciate it.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Original Post: 05/09/2012

Sharing for reference of how far I have COME!
I cannot help the way things are,
And I must go to a place afar.
I'm sorry to leave this place of youth
But I must go to keep my truth
I'm young and able.
I dream my dreams,
And sometimes I'm strange, it seems
Sometimes I wish I wasn't me,
But I can't change things meant to be.
So I must escape into a world where,
I belong and like it there.
I wish I didn't have to hide
From things I don't like,
Because I feel so good inside
When I do it and it's right.
I get too scared of things
I don't know that much about,
But if I had wings I'd fly, no doubt
To a place I feel Isn't very real
But I can think my thoughts
Even though others can NOT.
(c)1984 KD Bissonette

 Some of that is still as true today as it was way back then! lol

Orange is the Colour of Hearth and Home

Original Post: 02/10/2012

Original posted here first:

This is the colour orange:
leaves on the trees in fall
vibrant tulips in the sun
tiger lilies
firey flames of a phoenix
tangerine trees in an orchard
pumpkin patch
bowl of bright oranges on the table
tall glass of fresh orange juice
spooky Halloween Jack O' Lanterns
flickering flames in the fire pit
ORANGE is the colour of HEARTH and HOME

Pink is the Colour of Passion

Original Post: 02/10/2012

Original posted here first:

This is the colour pink:
flower petals:
tulips, roses, hydrangea
azalea, oleander, peony
blush of love's first kiss
flirty feather boa for play
breast cancer awareness ribbons
pink panther cartoon
hearts and sparkles
funky strands of hair
converse sneakers
"pretty in pink" prom dress
PINK is the colour of femininity and PASSION

White is the Colour of Purity

Original Post: 02/10/2012

Original posted here first:

This is the colour white:
fresh fallen first snow of winter
flluffy clouds in the sky
bountiful bubbles in the bath
snow dressed trees
daisies dancing in the sun
clean bleached eggs
blossoms in tree branches
angels in the snow
clean new pieces of paper
paper snowflakes in the window
soft fluffy kitty Moochie
WHITE is the colour of PURITY


Original Post: 09/11/2011

I couldn't decide whether to tell the first kiss EVER or the first kiss that really mattered to me so I will tell both stories.
There are MANY firsts in life and even many first kisses!
My first kiss came from my first best boy friend. He and I did everything together when we were kids because we lived on the same street in the back woods of nowhere so there really wasn't much choice.
He was my first red head and YES he absolutely had the temper!!
I learned a lot of the things I liked in a boy from him and measured many of them against him in the future. He'd tramp all through the swamp just to pick me a flower, he'd give me his sweater if I was cold, he'd hold my hand if I was scared, he'd sit with me for ages with his arm around me and my head leaning on his chest, and we'd ride bikes together, collect eggs from the chickens, climb around the big dirt pit (WE WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO), explore, tromp around in the bush, play hide and seek and other games with the other kids on the street, and otherwise do all the things that best buds do together! I was 8 years old and he was 10 (if I remember that correctly) and he was ALWAYS trying to kiss me!
We were playing hide and seek with the other kids in the neighbourhood and I ended up hiding with him and our neighbour Ronnie. (I had a crush on him!)
For some reason while we were hiding, sitting under the canoe, Brian decided he would dare Ronnie to kiss me and I'm not sure it was really that hard a sell! LOL
Anyways, BOTH of them kissed me and I can remember I probably blushed ten shades of red and it was a good thing it was dark out by then!
However, I always remember it because I never really minded Brian wanting to kiss me...he WAS my best friend and I did love him you know! But, more importantly somehow I also got a kiss from Ronnie whom I had a BIG crush on and it made me feel really good! (He was my first OLDER man you know! ;) lol) :)

The other kiss was something different.
It was the first time I was kissed by someone I was madly, head over heels in love with. With all my heart.
I was terrified!
He was beautiful. He was the boy ALL the girls looked at and wanted and why not? He was gorgeous. Sometimes, I couldn't even believe that he liked me at all.
The truth is convoluted and confusing and doesn't really matter now but, one night on a weekend he called, I went and by that time I KNEW why. Of course, I went because I was in love with him. That I believed it meant anything to him was probably my age and naivety but, that doesn't matter either.
What does matter is that he KNEW I was terrified. He KNEW it was the first time really and should never have toyed with me because he'd spent weeks, months even just being my friend and it never occurred to me even ONCE that he would ever WANT to kiss me but, sometimes boys just want to serve their own needs. Apparently so many years after the fact I still carry some hurt for the parts that shouldn't have happened but, he was SWEET and SOFT and gentle and made me feel things I hadn't known I could or would feel. (and NO I did not do anything with him but have a serious kissing fest!) I am NOT sorry for those things. Nor, will I ever be sorry I loved him. I learned things even from him and I'm sure now that they were valid lessons. I am stronger anyway. I survived a broken heart...though it did take a long time to fix myself and NOW I have a memory of a first kiss that actually felt like love to me. Since it wasn't the only time he ever kissed me I'm pretty sure in it's own strange way it was. Though truly, I could still just be deluding myself.
The thing is that I had no idea it could be like that and you can trust me when I say not ALL boys kiss like that either!! It was an experience worth having and left me with a GOOD idea of what I wanted in the man who would ALWAYS be kissing me...lucky me...I have been married 13 years to a man who's always kissed me like he loves me and I hope will continue to a long time yet! ;)