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Friday, March 8, 2013


I don't mean spells,slight of hand or illusions.
I don't mean magician's tricks of the trade.
I don't mean anything of the supernatural.
What I mean by magic is: A mysterious quality of enchantment.

The feeling of magic. The feeling of something MORE, unexplainable, amazing.
The first time your baby smiles at you (when all others tell you he/she has gas and it isn't really a smile directed at you but, you KNOW that it is). You know that they heard your voice and smiled at their MOTHER. THAT is magic!
When you meet someone new and find that you are connected by SOUL it is MAGIC. It is MORE than you have words to express or explain and only people who have known it before KNOW what you mean.
In the springtime when crocuses pop their beautiful little blooming flowers up out of dirt still encased by snow it is magic. When the snow melts and the wet, muddy earth dries and grows fresh, green grass it is magic. When the trees begin sprouting new buds and new growth. When the animals who spent the winter in hiding begin to rise to the surface and go about their business for a new season it is MAGIC!
When a child wakes up in the morning to treasures left behind by Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy and their eyes are filled with wonder and joy...THAT is magic!
I BELIEVE in magic and I AM grateful to be HERE, living and able to see it, feel it and appreciate it.

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