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Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'm HAPPY when...

Original Post: 03/22/2011

I am happiest when I can spend time with friends or family and share my love with them.
I am happy just to BE with each of them however that is. If it is a party for everyone, a movie night, a dinner together, a day at the beach, a night out, or any of the other things we enjoy doing together.
I am happy when I know I have done or said something that made someone I love feel better when they are sad, make a decision that was troubling them, see something about themselves they didn't notice before, accept the truth about themselves, and move on from pain to find their own happiness or bliss.
I feel fulfilled when I know my voice matters to someone.
I feel content when I know my loved ones are safe, happy and on their own right path.
I feel like I have done what I am supposed to do.
I can't make choices for anyone or really advise them of which choice is the best for them but, I can encourage them to find their own truth and follow it and I feel good when I know I have done that.
There are so many parts of life that are difficult and depressing that I LOVE to know if I can be a bright light and an encouragement to anyone!
It makes me feel like I have done something right and good and fulfilled my purpose.
That there is a good reason why I am the way I am and that my voice does make a difference no matter how small.
I hope to have a long time to share as much love and encouragement and support as I can!

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