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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Original Post: 05/09/2012

Sharing for reference of how far I have COME!
I cannot help the way things are,
And I must go to a place afar.
I'm sorry to leave this place of youth
But I must go to keep my truth
I'm young and able.
I dream my dreams,
And sometimes I'm strange, it seems
Sometimes I wish I wasn't me,
But I can't change things meant to be.
So I must escape into a world where,
I belong and like it there.
I wish I didn't have to hide
From things I don't like,
Because I feel so good inside
When I do it and it's right.
I get too scared of things
I don't know that much about,
But if I had wings I'd fly, no doubt
To a place I feel Isn't very real
But I can think my thoughts
Even though others can NOT.
(c)1984 KD Bissonette

 Some of that is still as true today as it was way back then! lol

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