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Friday, March 1, 2013

What Colour Makes You Think of Happiness?

Original Post: 01/13/2011

I seem to be working on the theme of sunshine lately!
I think the colour yellow is happy.
This is yellow:
the colour of a smile.
Our favourite smiley face is yellow.
Beautiful friendship roses are yellow.
The leaves turning colour in autumn.
Day lilies and buttercups.
Man's best friend is a yellow lab.
A muskoka chair on the porch in YELLOW.
A fuzzy little yellow duckling.
and even cuter the tiny little chick.
The smell and look and feel of a fresh yellow lemon.
Tulips and Daffodils.
A bright yellow Lamborghini.
Fresh yellow pears.
Wildflowers in yellow.
Butter melted on popcorn.
Rubber ducky in the bathtub!
Sweet yellow bell pepper...
Crocus and yellow butterfly.
Yellow is brilliant and bright JOY!

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