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Friday, March 1, 2013

What I Am Grateful For

Original Post: 09/22/2010

There are many things in life we should be grateful for but we often get caught up in thoughts of all we don't have or all we WANT. I am guilty of this more than most I think, because I do without a great many things that I NEED and WANT on such a regular basis that it seems greatly unfair to me sometimes! Obviously if I can get by without these many NEEDS they aren't really necessary after all. I really NEED to remember what I HAVE!
Following is a list of things I am grateful for. Maybe writing them here will allow me to read and remember whenever I'm feeling that life is again being unfair that I am TRULY rich beyond measure!
These are the things I am grateful for:

  • Three beautiful, unique, independent, intelligent, capable and healthy children.
  • While I do suffer from type 2 diabetes, polycystic kidney disease and high blood pressure and I will get progressively worse over the years I am NOT terminally ill so I still have TIME.
  • While I may be limited in the things I still CAN do I STILL have my mind!
  • Since I started learning to play the drums at 37 I KNOW now I CAN still learn new things!
  • Although I can tack gout issues onto the previously mentioned health list at the moment I am PAIN FREE and can WALK and so I absolutely SHOULD!
  • I have beautiful friends who are really more like my family and bring joy to my life.
  • I am capable of healing when my heart gets broken.
  • I have a wonderful family who support me no matter what.
  • I have a wonderful health care team who encourage and support me through this journey that is my life.
  • I have a home.
  • I have a soulmate, best friend, lover to share the long road with.
  • While I begin a new path with new lessons and understanding of the TRUTH but NOT religion, I do have God.
  • While it may even be smaller than that of a mustard seed I DO have faith and it is enough to begin with.
  • I have warm, fuzzy, lovely kitties to share my life with and they soothe my spirit.
  • I have a huge, warm, compassionate, loving heart.
  • I have hope.
  • I believe in LOVE.
  • I can SEE the beauty in the world I live in.
  • I can SEE the beauty in the people I meet.
  • I can make deep, meaningful, profound, soul friendships.
  • I can smell the beautiful scents and aromas of life.
  • I can STILL cook.
  • I am standing.
  • I am breathing.
  • I am living.
  • I can SMILE, HUG, TOUCH, BREATH and SHARE all my LOVE with YOU!
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